Your Vehicle Is an Extension of You!

In Bentley Brandon’s “Backseat Pledge”, auto care etiquette is of the utmost important and. The “Backseat Pledge” is an agreement families, friends, and co-workers make to keep their vehicles clean and clutter free as well as respectful behavior toward the driver and passengers alike. From the oldest of senior drivers and passengers to the youngest passengers strapped into their booster seats, everyone is responsible to consistently clearing out trash and throwing it away anytime their vehicle comes to a stop. In addition, avoiding distracting, loud conversation or even horseplay provides safe and sound traveling.

All passengers and drivers agree not to eat in the vehicle unless the vehicle is at a complete stop, and there is a consideration of what kinds of food and drinks we consume. For instance, burgers and fries with drinks may not be the best idea for toddlers in the “backseat” because all that food potentially ends up as crumbs or ground-in stains. That’s where dirt and grime lead to mold, bacteria, and even diseases. Parents, grandparents, and other elder relatives can model good auto care etiquette for toddlers and older childrenModeling good auto care etiquette starts by stopping to eat and drink snack foods then immediately cleaning and removing all trash from the vehicle. The “Backseat Pledge” is a clear of an example of a vehicle being an extension of not simply an individual but family, friends, and throughout entire communities.

In addition to interior auto care, we have to consider exterior care concerns and practices. Handwashing and detailing are far better than machine washing and polish application. At first, you may think such a statement is somehow slanted or biased, but let’s look at the physics behind machine washing versus careful and concise handwashing. Machine washing is not as meticulous as handwashing and often misses deep crevice cleaning while being too abrasive for paint jobs. The roughness of machine washing surfaces causes several superficial to critical damages. All the scuffing and scraping removes the clear, colored, and even primer level surfaces of our paint jobs.

These damages wedge water and debris into these areas which exposes our vehicles to the spread of rust and various water stains. Such damages not only ruin the paint job but lead to rust holes and deeper body imperfections that lead to damage of inner mechanical parts under the hood and other parts within the autobody. Who wants that? Nobody. Not to mention machine washers cause damage to side mirrors, windshields and windows, the hood of the vehicle, top of the vehicle cab, the trunk the headlights and rear lights, and all chrome surfaces. Auto washing machines have so much force from their spinning scrubbers and brushes that many can rip apart, crack, tear, or scrape key appendages of vehicle exteriors.

Just imagine if your skin and hair were washed by harsh chemicals and unforgiving washcloths or body scrubbers. The abrasiveness alone would make you stop. You’d be badly bruised and in pain. You would have cuts that might provide opportunistic diseases to get into your bloodstream. So, why would you thrust your vehicles into the same surface abuses? The answer is once you think about it, you wouldn’t. This is one major reason why your vehicle is an extension of you! So, remember, take care of your vehicle interiors and exteriors, with regular maintenance, frequent cleaning, sanitation, and detailing as well as clearing clutter every time you and your family stop at the gas station or home.

Drive safe, drive happy, drive clean… Your vehicle is an extension of you!

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